Linux: Finding And Mounting Drives

NOTE: This example will be in the context of mounting a drive with multiple NFTS Partitions on it. Replace anything refering to windows with your context.

  1. Check what your unmounted drive and its partitions are called:
    1. Its good practice to check what is already mounted: run df -h.
    2. Next use, fdisk -l. It will list all detected drives with a bunch of details including partisions.
    3. The bes it prolly lsblk. Locate your NTFS partition(s) and note down there sda<#> or sdb<#>.
  2. Make directories to mount each partition to:
    • sudo mkdir /mnt/windowsboot
    • sudo mkdir /mnt/windows2
  3. Commands to mount each partition to our newly created directories:
    • sudo mount /dev/sda2/ /mnt/windowsboot/
    • sudo mount /dev/sda3/ /mnt/windows2/
  4. To check what you can see in the newly mounted drives:
    • ls -la /mnt/windowsboot
    • ls -la /mnt/windows2